Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pre School Problems or Job Update

 I think I mentioned this in the update from earlier this month?  I got a job as a Pre School teacher.  I went for training and started a few weeks ago.  Well, things were not as rosey as I had hoped.  After hiring me for the three year old preschool room, they could not decide where they wanted me.  Because of all the confusion and being more irritated when I left everyday, I decided to continue looking for employment.  I really wish I was loving this job so much, at that time, and could be done with the job search...after all I only plan to work until the 2013 Winter Holidays. I was looking and surfing the net for other openings, still interested in a Preschool job, I ran across a listing for a nanny agency.  This reminded me how much I used to make as a nanny...and the need to save as much as possible took over.  I started calling and getting on the different  agency lists of available nannies.  If I get hired I would be able to save almost double from what I will save while working with the preschools. I always enjoyed being a nanny, esp for the toddlers.

Fast forward to now, having worked and floated all over the preschool...I am really enjoying the kids AND my co workers.  Everyone is very nice and helps one another out.  There are some challenges with my darling three year olds, but I am not with them every day so this is not their fault.  They seem to have different teachers all the time. I have also worked with the 2 year olds and OMG...I love them.  They are actually better behaved than the three year olds...LOL.  There is one little boy who is in a transition phase, he is about to be moved up to the 3 year old class, I they let him go in that class to  hang out every now and then....and he is BETTER behaved in the 2 year old room.  There is just something about THAT 3 year old room that brings out the naughties in a kid. 

So I am keeping an open mind with the preschool, getting to know the children whenever I am in their class.  However, because I had my doughts and started calling the nanny agencies, I am prepared to change jobs, as well.  I just can not forget the need for the money...and if I am not doing what I wanted to do, have a class of my own, I might as well go for the Benjamins.  I am not going to apologies for this because no adoption agency apologises for their fees...and THIS is the only reason I went back to work in the first place.

So in the meantime, I am having fun and facing the challenges as they come.


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